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Dog Leashes Aren't Created Equal

ruffgrip rubber woven nylon leash detailRuffGrip leashes, created for all sizes and types of dogs, are made with a rubber woven material you can grab onto — especially when you need to shorten the leash. It's a step up from cotton and nylon leashes that can slip and cause rope burns.

For extra control, especially with puppies or large dogs, many of our leads have leather bands sewn in at intervals, making the leash even easier to grab quickly.

Why RuffGrip dog leashes have a loyal following:

  • Extra grip, especially helpful when puppy training
  • Easily shorten the leash quickly
  • Work well under wet or dry, hot or cold, conditions
  • Never tacky in hot weather and a great grip when it's cold
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Extremely tough and durable
It's a Fact:
South African security teams use our leashes in 135o temperatures and fine sand. Alaskan rescue teams use our leashes in the coldest weather. They all love their RuffGrip leashes.

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