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Outperforms other leads

Comfort & Control

A Safe Grip for Your Best Friend


Vibrant Colors

The Perfect First Mate

Non-slip grip wet or dry

Never Lose Your Grip

Our textured, non-slip leashes and specialty leads provide exceptional grip wet or dry.  Our products are highly recommended by pet parents, foster parents, trainers, puppy owners, dog beach fans, boaters, and by those with limited hand strength. 

Our Dog Leashes Are Secure and Comfortable

Splash for Small/Medium Dogs

You won't believe how lightweight yet strong these leashes are. In a variety of vibrant colors.

Also available for large dogs.

From $15.99

No Knots for Large Dogs

Never tie a knot in your leash again.  Leather short stops provide extra grip every time you need it. 

Also available for small/medium dogs.

From $15.99

Leather Handle for Large Dogs

All the advantages of No Knots, with a comfortable padded leather handle. 

Also available for small/medium dogs.

From $26.99

No more guilt!

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