My Story

I grew up loving animals; my earliest memory is of my dog Heidi, a black doxi mix. I don’t remember a time I did not have a dog by my side.

Freddy was just a year old when I first saw him at a local feed store. He was curled up on the lap of a women wearing a shirt that simply said “adopt". There was a litter of Dalmatian-mixed puppies inside the small fenced area where the woman was sitting. This was Freddy’s first outing since joining her rescue.


“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” — Karen Davidson

Originally from a breeder in the Midwest (likely a puppy mill), he was just 8 weeks old when the family bought him from a mall store. They purchased him so their grandkids would have something to do when they visited, otherwise he lived outdoors – always. He was not socialized or loved, so by the time he was one,  he did not behave, the grandkids lost interest, he barked all the time, he dug holes, and then one day he bit his owner and landed in quarantine at a local shelter tagged “rescue only.”  He was terrified, not very adoptable and his options for getting out alive were slim to none.

I had never heard of a puppy mill. I did not comprehend the plight and fate of the many pets who find themselves in a local ‘shelter’ due to no fault of their own. I had no awareness of the volunteers in rescue groups who selflessly become the champions for these otherwise lost souls. 

“He may be a dog, but don’t tell me he doesn’t have a real grip on life. “ – Kendall Hailey

Yes, Freddy did join my pack that day. Welcome Bailey, a new name for a new life. It took months of effort to gain his trust and earn his respect. Our walks were pivotal in building the relationship that would last a lifetime. He always looked to me for guidance and ques. He watched what I did. If I was ok, he was ok. I had become his Top Dog. I saw him overcome his fears, realized when his eyes finally softened, and uncovered the most amazing dog. I had learned the importance of giving back and second chances.


“There’s a way to do it better – find it." - Thomas Edison

Over the years, I bought a lot of pet gear for Bailey and other adopted and fostered rescues that followed. Pet products were getting more technologically advanced, except for one category. Leashes, the essential piece of gear for ensuring the safety of you and your dog, remained unchanged. Products available offered little grip, and some would leave nasty rope burns if you were not careful. My vision was born — “design and build a better mousetrap,” or in our case the next generation dog lead with superior grip, superior quality and no more rope burns.

RuffGrip delivers on our promise of superior grip performance, wet or dry, with a series of rubber fibers woven throughout the entire length of the leash. Our brass hardware provides strength and durability over time. Our textured non-slip webbing outperforms competitive products and ensures a sure grip every time. You won’t find a better grip than a RuffGrip. 


We hope every dog owner will give our gear a try and will love it as much as we do. Together we can, and do make a difference. 


Lisa Burgett
Top Dog at RuffGrip