Find a Dog Park Near You with these Top Websites and Apps


The Ultimate List for Finding Dog Parks, Trails, Runs and Activities


A nice looking website listing dog parks and beaches. Lists all different types of activities you can do with your dog.


Not the prettiest of websites, but allows you to choose by state or from a map.


Find the closest dog parks near you.

Pet Friendly Travel

More than just dog parks, this site will help you find off-leash dog areas, dog runs, and off-leash trails in the U.S.


Best Dog Leash for Dog Parks


Ideal for a day at the park, our grab tab dog leashes won't drag on the ground as your dog runs around and plays. Rubber-infused material gives you something to grab onto quickly when you need it. Shop Now

Android and iOS Apps for Dog Parks


Connects you with dog parks, people and places in your community. You can even create a profile for your dog so they can "bark" at each other and set up playdates. Available for Apple and Android from iTunes and Google Play.

Sniffspot: iOS app will help you find off-leash areas for dogs.


iOS app which delivers detailed descriptions, including content provided by users themselves. Includes maps and lets you keep notes on you and your dog's experiences.

Best Dog Parks Around the Country

More helpful info, especially if you're traveling around the U.S. with your dog.

10 of the Coolest Dog Parks Around the Country

VetStreet brings you dog parks that have water features, agility courses and more.

Seattle's 10 best dog parks

There are loads of dog parks in Seattle, but Curbed Seattle gives you the lowdown and the upside of where to take your pup.

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Dog Parks

Did your city make the list of best dog parks? Check it out.

noni-ruby-kayak-beach-dog-leadTop Dog Friendly Beaches

Last but not least, it's take your dog to the beach day!

RuffGrip's non-slip material makes them the best leashes for the beach and all types of water activities. They don't get heavy and you'll be able to hold your grip even when wet. Shop lightweight leashes