Splash: Comfort and Control Leashes

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority.

Our Splash leads are strong, yet lightweight.  The webbing, with woven-in rubber traces, delivers exceptional grip rain or shine.  We have added a padded handle for extra comfort. They are not elastic, do not stretch or get twisted.

The control and comfort make this the perfect companion for training and walking your best friend anywhere you want to go, from the beach to the cold snowy mountains to a day on the boat. Say goodbye to leash burn and hello to what will become your go-to leash. 

Our Splash leads have been tested to ensure their strength and performance.  Brass clips, with stainless-steel springs, bring strength and corrosion resistance.  A welded D-ring below the handle is provided for accessories. 

Splash leads come in a variety of bright colors.  

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quality of the entire leash.....If I could give it a 10 I would. It's so different from anything out there. It has a high end feel for sure. I love the fact that it has a grip feel to the material and feels very sturdy.”

“We took the leash to the beach and it was GREAT. So much better than my leather leash because it was sandy and wet, but I was able to quickly rinse it off.”

“So lightweight and surprisingly strong. My dog pulled quickly when a rabbit bolted across the street and I was able to hold on tight and firm, no slipping, no leash burn.”


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