WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs
WizGuards for Male Dogs

WizGuards for Male Dogs

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Protect Furniture and Floors from Dog Peeing, Incontinence and Markings

A WizGuard is a 100% cotton fabric accessory your pet can comfortably wear which will protect your furniture, upholstery, flooring, and carpet from their male-dog urine stains and odor.

WizGuards are ideal in many situations:

  • When bringing a new male dog into your home as a visitor, foster, or new adoption.
  • House training or other dogs who mark indoors, urinate when excited, or are nervous.
  • Dogs experiencing short- or long-term incontinence, particularly senior dogs.
  • Great for travel and visitinga comfortable WizGuard makes your pup a more welcome visitor.

Stays in Position without Pet Irritation

WizGuards provide the right amount of softness and stretch without binding or irritating your dog. The adjustable hook and loop closures provide a sure fit, without elastic to dig into your dog’s skin. 

You can adjust the band’s capacity to meet the needs of your dog. Simply stick a self-adhesive incontinence or sanitary pad inside the band. Capacity will depend on the absorbency rating of the pad you choose to use. See FAQ's below about choosing the right pad.

Note: Our WizGuards do not ship with pads included.

Our durable WizGuards are washable and designed to stand up to everyday use and frequent washing. See FAQ's below for washing instructions.

Important: When your pup is wearing a WizGuard, frequently check for wetness (you'll know when to check as you learn the frequency and volume of your pet’s urination). Refresh pads if they have been heavily urinated on, since it isn't healthy to leave urine-soaked pads next to your dog’s skin for extended periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it bother my pet to wear a WizGuard? 
Dogs tend to tolerate wearing the WizGuard very well. We will be happy to refund your purchase and donate the pad to a local animal shelter or rescue if your pet does not adapt to wearing it.

What size should I order?
Loosely measure your dog's girth, 2"-3" in front of their back legs.  Use a measuring tape or piece of string or ribbon and a ruler, yard stick or tape measure.  Do not pull the tape or ribbon tight.

For the best fit, choose the size with your dog's measurement in the middle of the girth (inches) below. For example, a dog measuring 11" would wear medium rather than small. 



Dog’s Girth (inches)


14” x 3-1/2”

6” - 10”


15” x 4”

10” - 12”


20” x 4”

14” - 16”


22” x 4”

18” – 20”


25” x 4”

22” – 24”

Do you offer custom sizes?
Yes. Please email us bark@ruffgrip.com for details.

How do I determine the right pad absorbency?
Most pads on the market come with an absorbency scale from very light to very heavy. The absorbency you need depends on the amount of urine your pet will put into the pads. We recommend starting with a lighter absorbency pad for pups who are primarily marking and/or exhibit excitability. For house training or incontinent pets, we recommend starting with a moderate to heavy pad.  We also recommend regular length pads rather than long or winged.

Can my pet sleep in a pad?
Yes, but we recommend using a fresh pad for overnight. If your pet does not need a pad overnight due to incontinence, we recommend leaving the pad off.

Instructions and care:
Attach the Velcro fasteners and turn inside out for washing. Machine wash in warm water. ½ cup of white vinegar per laundry load will help remove odors. Lay flat to dry or tumble on low heat.

Recommended by trainers, handlers, pet owners, and dogs