Leather Handle Leashes

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All-Weather Leash with Easy Grab and Hold Control

Get all the advantages of our Lightweight Leash with the added feature of a leather, padded handle. Riveted to the leash, it's durable and delivers a comfortable grip that won't hurt your hand.

  • The special rubber woven material we use for the length of the lead makes it easy to grab and hold in all weather conditions.
  • The material won’t give you rope burns like cotton and nylon leashes can.
  • Leather bands or Shortstops sewn in about every six inches increase your control.
  • RuffGrip leashes are never tacky in hot weather and offer great grip even when it's cold outside.

Designed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Recommended by trainers, handlers, pet owners, and dogs. Available in various lengths and styles too.

What Length Should I Choose for My Dog's Leash?


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