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Grab Tab, 12" x 3/4", Large Dog, Brown  - RuffGrip Dog Leashes

RuffGrip Grab Tab, 12 inch, Large Dog > 50 lbs


Super Short Dog Leads are Not a Drag

Don't ruin another leash, or your dog's fun, by letting the leash drag and get tangled behind your dog. Think of GrabTabs as super short leads. They give you something to grab quickly, but won't drag through mud and debris as your dog runs around. Great for training, agility and when your dog is simply off leash at the park.

  • Unique RuffGrip® rubber woven material won't slip through your hand
  • Reinforced with buffalo leather for a good looking, super strong leash
  • Superior grip in any kind of weather. Wet or dry, your hands won't slip.

This GrabTab is designed for large dogs.

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