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Premium RuffGrip Tracking Leash, 15 foot, Small Dogs < 25 lbs

Premium RuffGrip Tracking Leash, 15 foot, Small Dogs < 25 lbs

$35.20 $43.99

Tracking Leashes with Shortstops for Greater Grip-Ability

This tracking leash for small dogs combines the best water buffalo leather with an exclusive rubber woven nylon webbing that won’t slip, wet or dry, and creates a super strong dog leash.

Small leather bands are sewn in every 5 feet along the length of the leash (except for last 45"). These Shortstops give your fingers something to grab onto when you want to shorten the leash. The combination of the rubber woven material and stops creates a leash that won’t slip out of your hands in wet or dry weather. 

You get a super-strong dog leash with a luxurious leather grip:

  • 15' leash for large dogs
  • 1/2" wide
  • Small, rust-free, brass clip
  • Shortstops for improved grip-ability

Bat Leather Handle

The bat leather handle is riveted to the exclusive rubber woven nylon/leather lead for a good looking, super strong tracking leash that can go through brush without catching on anything.

Ideal in Hot Weather and Extreme Cold

Unlike many leather dog leashes, our leash won’t get tacky in hot weather. It won’t crack or get stiff in extreme cold weather. From the beach to the cold snowy mountains, our leash will stay comfortable in your hands.

Extremely Durable

We use the best leather and high quality brass or nickel components. We really do want this to be the last dog leash you ever have to buy. Unless you get a second or third dog. Then you’ll be back for another.

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