Basic RuffGrip Leash, 5' x 3/4", Large Dogs, Black  - RuffGrip Dog Leashes
Lightweight Leash, 5 foot, Large Dogs

Lightweight Leash, 5 foot, Large Dogs


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This leash is for the economy minded, yet it's still made with our exclusive rubber nylon webbing and cast brass clips. It has a strong, lightweight profile without the added bulk of the Premium RuffGrip® padded leather handle.

  • Exceptional grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Won’t get tacky in hot weather
  • Doesn't crack or get stiff in extremely cold weather


Shortstops: Our unique leather bands are positioned every 15 inches offering a quick and simple way to shorten the leash, which adds to the unique control this leash gives you. Shortstops make it easy to shorten or lengthen the leash without wrapping it around your fingers.

Grab and Go: The handle is both comfortable and flexible, making the leash easy to tuck into your backpack, beach bag, pocket or purse. It has a leather band at the clip and handle, stitched and riveted, for reinforcement.

Durable: This leash is rust and corrosion resistant.

The control and comfort make this the perfect companion for walking your best friend anywhere you want to go, from the beach to the cold snowy mountains to a day on the boat. Say goodbye to leash burn and hello to what we are sure will become your go-to leash.