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Basic Dog Leash, Small Dogs < 25 lbs, 6 foot Black - RuffGrip Dog Leashes - 2

Premium RuffGrip Leash for Small Dogs < 25 lbs


When you walk your dog, often times you want to get your dog closer to you. Maybe another dog is walking nearby, or you are standing at the edge of the street or maybe you are training your dog and want a little more control. With a standard leather or nylon leash, you have to grab the leash with your other hand and pull it close. If your dog lunges or pulls, the leash can slip right out of your second hand. Complete with leash burn and possibly an injury to you or your dog.

Benefits of this leash!
Our small dog leash is produced using an exclusive rubber woven material that won’t slip, wet or dry, and creates a very strong dog leash. We add a small leather band every 15" on the length of the leash. These leather bands give your fingers something to grab onto when you want to shorten the leash. The combination of the rubber woven material and stops creates a leash that won’t slip out of your hands in wet or dry weather. Our small leashes are designed for dogs < 25 lbs.

Unparalleled Performance in Hot Weather and Extreme Cold
Unlike many leather leashes, our leash won’t get tacky in hot weather. It won’t crack or get stiff extremely cold weather. From the beach to the cold snowy mountains, our leash will stay comfortable in your hands.


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