Meet Our RuffGrip Models — They're Rescues

rose and tulip rescue dogs

Tulip and Rose


Tulip is a Mexican Hairless Xoloitzcuintli, an Aztec breed known as a healing animal. Their warm, hairless body and calm demeanor are said to lower their humans blood pressure. I can attest to this. We always rescue dogs, but in this case, she rescued us.


Rose is an Australian Cattle Dog. I saw a post on Facebook about a breeder getting rid of her. Although we had 3 dogs, I convinced my husband we had to go get her. She had never been anything but a “breeder,” but now she lives the good life as Queen of the house.

anubis and coco rescue dog models

Anubis and Coco


Anubis was adopted in 2010 from Smiley Dog Rescue in the Bay Area when he was one year old. After a short meet and greet, his mom knew that she couldn't go home without him - it was love at first walk. Nine years and three cities later, Anubis has settled into living the good life in LA. Full of personality and spunk, this senior dog still has a lot of puppy left in him.


In April 2017, Kea and Casey Duggan were devastated by the loss of their dog Blossom. While reconciling their sadness, they realized how empty their home felt without their four-legged friend. It was just too much to bear.

About a month later, they decided to lightly dip their toes in the adoption pond by going to NKLA (an adoption center in Los Angeles) to visit with a few dogs. Visit...NOT adopt.

While at the shelter, Kea happened to text her friend Lori to tell her they were at NKLA. Lori immediately responded with, "Wait! Don't adopt anyone yet until you meet Coco." Lori is a photographer for Best Friends Los Angeles (and RuffGrip), and Coco Puff was her office dog (and muse!). Kea later found out Lori secretly had been wanting the Duggans to adopt her, but she was afraid to suggest it in case they were still too sad.

Kea and Casey agreed to meet Coco. Within an hour, Lori went to the Mission Hills facility to pick up Coco and bring her back to Culver City for the meeting. Within moments, seeing her sweet face, and spending time with her, they knew she would be a great fit. The very next day, the Duggans went to Best Friends to officially adopt Coco Puff.

Coco has brought so much joy to their home. She loves playing with her babies (she has a house full of plushies), snuggling, sleeping on one of her many beds, sunbathing, and visiting with her cousin Anubis.


Yondu and Daphne

Daphne came to Best Friends at 4 weeks old as a “stray” from LAAS. She was a healthy 3.8 pounds, eating soft food and in need of a foster family. Her owner had just lost a grey American Staffordshire Terrier after almost 11 years, so her family welcomed Daphne with open arms.

At 4 weeks old, she wasn't doing much, but quickly started to learn the ropes — polite manners, interacting with her canine/feline siblings and being introduced to her resident children. At 5 weeks, Daphne knew how to sit and give paw. By 6 weeks, Daphne was a rock star at the tug/drop it game and “down”. 

Now almost 6 months old, Daphne is a polite, gentle and goofy little girl who you can regularly catch wiggling her butt from side to side while showing off her favorite toys. We did a Wisdom Panel DNA test on her and found she is half American Staffordshire Terrier, part Lab and part Shepherd. She loves children and other dogs and has been an integral part of her little brother’s integration.

Yondu was part of a litter of 14 puppies. We pulled Yondu’s mom, Jessabella a 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, from LAAS on February 4th, 2019. She was very pregnant and ready to pop any day. Within a few short days, Jessabella could not wait any longer and gave birth in our medical clinic before finding herself and her babies the perfect foster home. Yondu was in foster for 6 weeks with his siblings before he made his way home to Daphne. We fostered him for 2 weeks to see how much of a handful it might be with two puppies. With Daphne’s manners already on the right track at 4 months old, she made it very easy to manage another puppy in our home. She was probably more excited than we were!

Yondu and Daphne have been a dynamic duo. They love to rough house, but will match each other’s energy really well, take corrections appropriately and take breaks as needed. Daphne loves to initiate play by bringing him toys. It’s amazing to watch Daphne self handicap and flex her energy to fit his needs and size as she is still learning to develop play skills herself. Yondu is more of a mama’s boy and Daphne is more independent which also makes it a bit easier when they get individual outings. Neither one gets anxious without the other and both love their crate because that means treats, Nylabone and Himalayan chews.

Jessabella is still available for adoption or foster at Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Mission Hills.

Follow Daphne and Yondu’s adventures on Instagram at @thepleasantpitbulls