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Grab Tab, Braided Buffalo Leather, 12", Large Dog  - RuffGrip Dog Leashes - 1

Grab Tab, Braided Buffalo Leather, 12", Large Dog


Don’t ruin another leash (and your dog’s fun) by letting your leash drag behind your dog. Think of a GrabTab as a super short lead. One that doesn't drag but still gives you something to quickly grab onto to control your dog. This braided Buffalo leather grab tab is super strong and gorgeous. Beautiful quality and workmanship, handmade using buffalo leather. Individual braids are sewn around cord to ensure strength and then braided together making a leash that is much strong than the typical braided leash.

This Grab Tab is 12 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter. The braided leather makes a round leash that is easy on the hands. Use a GrabTab for training, agility and when your dog is simply off leash at the park.

Buffalo leather is the most indestructible and water resistant leather available. It is a very soft and supple leather. Buffalo leather is very low maintenance and resistant to dry rot. A buffalo leather leash should last years longer than a standard leather leash. We are very proud of the quality of workmanship in our handmade buffalo leather leashes.

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