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Premium Slip Lead, 4 foot Black - RuffGrip Dog Leashes - 2

Premium RuffGrip® Slip Lead, 4 foot

$18.99 $35.95

A slip lead is a dog collar and leash in one. You slip the loop over your dog's head and you are on your way.

Great for dogs that don't wear a collar all the time. Perfect for owners that don't want to fumble with a clip. You know the routine, you grab the clip on the leash end then spin your dog's collar until you find the hoop. Just when you go to clip it on your dog takes a step back and you lose the collar. Now you have to start the process all over again. With a slip lead you won't have that problem. Just slip the loop over your dog's head and off you go.

RuffGrip slip leads have a luxurious leather padded handle,RuffGrip® rubber woven nylon webbing for the leash, and a rolled leather collar. You'll want to "work" the rolled leather collar to loosen it up a bit.

Maximum neck size is 19 inches. The leash is 5/8" wide.

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