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RuffGrip Leashes
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Dog Leashes Aren't Created Equal

Of course we think our dog leashes are the best. Doesn't every leash company? Where we're different is our customers think our leashes are the best too! Read what they are saying before you get your next dog leash.

This one-of-a-kind dog leash combines rubber woven nylon with leather to create a good looking, super strong leash that has superior grip in any kind of weather. Wet or dry, your hands won't slip. No more leash burn.

RuffGrip leashes won’t slip in the rain like leather or give you rope burns like cotton & nylon, never tacky in hot weather and a great grip in cold weather. Leather bands every six inches are sewn in and add to the unique control this leash gives you. The leather handle is padded with a luxuriously soft leather lining that makes it extremely comfortable. Our leashes have the most loyal customers. Once you try one you won’t settle for any other leash.

  • Provide extra grip when puppy training
  • Benefits those with arthritis or carpal tunnel
  • Easy grip leash allows you to easily shorten the leash whenever you want
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely tough and Durable
  • Works wet or dry, hot or cold


Interesting RuffGrip Leash Facts:  South African security teams in Iraq use the leash in 135o temperature and fine sand. Alaskan rescue teams use it in the coldest weather.